Bernie Sanders supports marijuana, politics of marijuana, hemp legalization
The campaign of the Democrats to choose their candidate begins. Among them, there is one, Bernie Sanders, who has been talking about legalizing the use of marijuana throughout the United States for many years.
Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders is still campaigning to succeed Donald Trump in the White House. At 78, he continues to generate enthusiasm among his followers and controversy among his political ‘rivals.’
While the majority of Democratic candidates have declared themselves in favor of legalizing marijuana in the United States, Sanders has gone further and has just proposed legalizing it and eliminating criminal convictions related to it.
According to him, The government believed that marijuana as equal to heroin. That is stupid. As president, he would issue a campaign to declassify marijuana to be a controlled substance.
Sanders notes that he would ensure that the revenues of the cannabis industry are transferred to the most disadvantaged communities, such as African-Americans. Besides, it will ask to review all previous marijuana convictions at both federal and state levels.
All previous marijuana convictions would be eliminated, while current prison sentences related to marijuana will also be subject to review.
Sanders’ plan has an antitrust component: it promises to restructure cannabis businesses more as nonprofit organizations and less as corporations, as well as prohibit Big Tobacco companies from participating in the cannabis industry.
Something like protecting the main US street companies instead of Wall Street. In sum, a solid legal economy that provides avenues for the generation of wealth and property of tens and thousands of people, rather than just a handful.
When does Bernie Sanders begin its campaign?
In November, the elected Democratic candidate will compete against President Donald Trump. Among all the possible candidates, there is a cannabis enthusiast, Bernie Sanders, who has solemnly promised to legalize the herb in the 50 US states on his first day as the new president.
More than 20 Democratic candidates have started the race to be elected and subsequently face the Republican President.
Senator Sanders, independent of the state of Vermont and 78, is one of the serious candidates for Democrats.
Legalization of cannabis with a social aspect
In the period before the first prior election in Iowa, Bernie launched a very nice message for marijuana people, ‘Bernie Sanders promises legal marijuana in all 50 states in the first day as president ‘.

Also, Bernie Sanders solemnly promises to do something about it and immediately. “We will end the destructive war on drugs,” he told his audience at Cedar Rapids. “On my first day at the office, we will legalize marijuana in all states of this country through an executive order.”
Bernie also emphasized the social aspect of federal cannabis legalization. That the United States put an end to the ban in a way that helps the communities most affected by the war on drugs.
“We will work to erase the criminal history of people who have been arrested for possession of marijuana. And we guarantee that a handful of companies does not control the legalized cannabis industry.”
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