grow marijuana indoors

Now in many states, civilians can grow marijuana for medical and/or recreational use legally. It is true that, depending on where you live, one can plant hemp without a problem. However, if what you want is something a little more personalized crop inside your house, you can follow these steps.

1. Choose the space well
Be smart and choose well. There are people who have a farmhouse with horses and can put the plant where they want. However, for those of you who live in a small apartment, maybe things get more complicated.

The usual thing is to look for a terrace type of space. For the lucky ones who have a closet room or a garage, these sites are usually the most optimal. It must be well ventilated to receive sufficient fresh air.

2. Buy lights for optimal growth
Light is essential for any plant. If you have to grow indoors, it is best to buy one to maximize the chances of it germinating well. You know: without light there is no photosynthesis and the plants die

The most recommended now are the HID (high-intensity discharge) lights. The cheapest one is around $130 if you are sagacious seekers. It is possible to find them cheaper in second-hand markets.

Anyway, if you get HIDs for less than $100, it may be a good deal. The bulbs should be around 200 watts up to 1000w (depending on your garden; for a single plant almost better than even consider the purchase)

You do not only need the lights but you will also need suitable support to place them. One more thing: LED lights are usually better but prices are usually higher.

3. During Plantation
The plant should be with adequate humidity levels to prevent rotting or mold. So the pots where they will always have to be prepared with a system that allows the excess water to leave and can enter new. Obviously, you should think about where the excess water will go and be prepared for that. A stall for plant growth is a good solution.
There are automated irrigation systems that, as you can imagine, are usually the most appropriate and comfortable to keep the plant moist and not drown. Newbies who only have a plant or two at most save money on self-watering and simply dampen plants and clean up excess water.

However, this has another advantage> You will learn how to grow it in a more personalized way.

4. Nutrients
Light is necessary, so as good nutrients. In general, when talking about “feeding” a plant, what is meant is to moisten it with a nutrient-rich solution. Usually, this solution is about giving suitable minerals for its growth.
There are fertilizers for hemp that is sold online. Buying them is a great idea to improve their growth so you can cultivate more.

Novices should use minimal amounts of nutrients, even at the risk of loading the plant. It is better, in this case, to fall short of drowning them in food since it is easier to solve the fact that a plant falls short of nutrients that we have drowned. To know if you are on the right track, you must try and sharpen the observation. In a while, you will begin to know what the plant needs to survive.

We are not responsible if when putting a disc of Camilo Sexto the plant becomes agoste. We are focused on those who grow marijuana at home.

Direct observation of the plant is another reason why it is better for the novice to water the plant rather than choosing an automatic system.

5- Buy your seeds (or your clones)
It seems more than obvious but it is necessary that you choose a seed so that you have a plant in the future. You can have lights, water, soil, nutrients and a farmhouse that if you do not buy a cannabis seed you will not have a bud.

Our banners usually take you to places for the purchase of trust where you can choose what type of seed you need for your crop. Advise you about this by reading and asking professionals.

This article is only intended for the states it is legal to grow marijuana. List: